Can tire be repaired?

I noticed my right rear tire was almost flat this morning and saw something sticking out of it (see picture). Would appreciate any thoughts/comments on whether this can be repaired. Thank you.



What happens if you put an inner tube in a tire like that?

It will generate quite a lot of heat. Not good for the tire or tube.

The sidewall damage also compromises the structure of the tire.

Plus given modern tire sizes, it is unlikely that a proper size tube exists.


Another HARD NO!!! lol

Dealing with tires for 17 years on a daily basis and seeing an average of 15-20 flats a day, what
we found was due to the radius curve of the tire (I may have the name wrong), then adding the sidewall curve making a compound curve that while going down the road will flex (bulge at bottom) causing the patch to let go which can cause sudden deflation and possible loss of control…

I’m sure there is a more accurate scientific explanation but that is the basics in layman terms…

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I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re joking :smiley:

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Can the --SNOWMAN-- get any more redicules with his nonsense? :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:

And don’t put that fix a flat junk in or foam either.

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Negative and fortunately, we have a lifetime warranty on our Nokian g4 tires… we picked up 2 nails in the same tire and although the tire was plugged twice, Discount tire just reassured us that these tire would have needed to be plugged and patched. Other wise, we’re getting a new tire for $30.00 with will be replaced next Sat. But while there, I’ll have them look at another tire because we hit a bit of rough roads though a construction zone and one of the tires got cut on the outer edge. I suspect this will be covered also and another tire should be installed. Also, if one tire is damaged, you should buy at least two of the same brand and size.

The concern I have is that the tire is on a 2003 CRV with AWD. The tires are less than one year old. That said, I am prepared to get four new ones.

What’s the tread depth? I suspect it’ll be close enough to a new tire to not cause a problem.

Keep in mind that a few tire shops (and Tire Rack) can shave a new tire if that ends up being the best approach.

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One year old doesn’t mean much, do you drive 2,000 miles a year or 20,000 miles a year?? And did you buy 40K mileage tires or 80K mileage tires?? Lot of factors…
But as lion9car asked about your tread depth, the tread depth will determine what happens next…
Hopefully you bought Road Hazard warranty on your tire especially being an AWD vehicle…

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You can get the new tire shaved to match the old ones to keep from having to buy 4 tires.


The closest one I can find to my area (Nashville) is 197 miles away in Knoxville Tn… And it is a race tire shop so unsure if they will even shave your tire…
So shaving may not always be an option with out a lot of hassle and time… The only place I heard of in my area was Subaru and they sent them out… Time is money also…