TSB Detail

Does anyone no how to get access to Technical Service Bulletins without having to pay a subscription. I’m talking about the detail.

The Ford site seems to only list it but does not provide the detail. Other sites require a subscription.

The TSB detail I’m looking for is “4-23-7 Nov 04 Driveline - Thump/Clunk an Acceleration and Braking”.



I believe auto manufacturers should be required to provide all this information for free. Web accessibility should be the way to go.

Other than fishing the internet to find details that someone may have posted or a subscription to ALLDATA, about your only option is to drop by a Ford dealer and ask one of the service writers if they could look this up and print off a copy for you.

This could be a hit and miss thing but it doesn’t hurt to ask. The worst that will happen is that they may politely refuse.

I can read any TSB I wish, for free. Public library online to ARRC Auto Reference Repair Center, or alldata.com (library subscription). Ask a librarian for assistance.
It helps in your search if you know the make, model, and year of the vehicle you need TSBs for. Just "FORD’ isn’t enough information.

The federal highway administration office usually has a list of these bulletins, and some I have even downloaded. I remember ofn the 1998 Ford Tauris there were 152 TSBs!


Thanks for the information. I found the ARRC online through my local library. And I was able to view the detail on the TSB I was seeking.

Thanks everyone for your posts,