2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD -Looking for bulletins

How do you get the bulletin?

What bulletin ?

From the bulletin board, ours is by the time clock.

Do you mean technical service bulletins? You can get them here, but if I read what people have said here, the dealers for that make also get them. Someone else can chime in.

I need the engine code (8th digit of VIN) and the model version (e.g. LT) but at a glance, there are six recalls and about 40 technical service bulletins for that vehicle. I think it would be best to take some donuts in to your favorite shop and ask them to log in to their AllData or ShopKey account and print out all the bulletins that are of interest to you.

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The engine code is “8” as the truck is the 2500 Diesel high country thanks for the help

You still have not said what bulletins you want or why .

Let’s cut to the chase

What are your concerns?

What’s wrong with the truck?

As mentioned, you can’t just ask for “the bulletin” . . . because there are many technical service bulletins

If it’s safety-related, I’d click on that link that @cdaquila

If it’s not safety-related, I’ll say this . . . information is a commodity. And it has a price. Meaning you have to pay to access the general motors technical website. The price is very reasonable, though for a few days access

If you don’t want to pony up the $25 or so, then @Manolito had the best idea with the donuts

Better make it krispy kreme


The right blinker and stop light on my trailer dies not work. I have trouble shot it to the green wire going into the back sheet if the truck plug. Trailer works find with another vehicle. My guess is that I will have to find the next joint in the green wire on the truck side.

Based on the nature of the problem you’re describing . . . I kind of doubt there’s a technical service bulletin addressing it

This will take common sense and good electrical diagnostic skills . . . and possibly the appropriate wiring diagram(s) . . . to figure out

There are separate fuses for left and right turn/stop light circuits in the under hood fuse box.

In the under hood fuse block on the left side of the engine compartment, there should be four relays dedicated to the trailer plug - Right side stop/turn, Left side stop/turn, Trailer Backup lamps, and trailer park lamps. Each switched relay outlet feeds a 10A fuse. From there, the power goes to the trailer plug.

There may one or two junctions between the fuse block and the trailer plug, depending upon whether the truck is wired for a camper or a 5th wheel trailer. If you have power out of the fuse, drop the spare and look for a junction.