Trying to use

Am I missing something? I’m trying to look up a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan and an 85 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme to see if it lists them as inteference engines and also whether or not they have timing belts or chains.

I know both are chain driven but I’m just trying to figure out how to use this site to look up this info. Every time I click on the link, enter all the vehicle info, it just takes me to a listing of parts that fit the vehicle.

Am I just missing something really obvious?

You are not missing anything. Since both your vehicles use timing chains a timing belt is not listed. It is in the Notes area of the timing belt application that will indicate interference engines. Try typing in a 96 Honda Accord with a 2.2 and scroll down to timing belts you will see what I mean. Neither of your vehicles is an interference engine by the way.

Ahhhhh thanks Michael. I get it now. And thanks for letting me know they aren’t interference engines, I wasn’t sure about that part.

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