Timing off


do a 1997 nissan pickup with a 2.4 liter engine have a interference or non interference engine.


The Tacoma had an interference 2.4L engine.


The Question was about a Nissan, not a Toyota. To the OP, download the gates timing belt guide, and you can look it up just like I would have to.


A simple phone call to your local Nissan dealer will get you the answer.


According to this all Nissan engines are interference.


it have a chain not belt.


Ah, that’s why I couldn’t find the info on the Gate’s website.


Did your timing chain break?


chain stretched.


Well, there’s a chance none of the valves collided w/the pistons then. Keep optimistic. I expect your best path forward is to replace the timing chain then – if the engine turns freely by hand from the crank bolt – install the plugs & check compression.


The telephone receptionist at the Nissan dealer should be a big help, “would you like to make an appointment?”