Interference or not?

I can’t seem to find which engines are interference or non-interference and also, which are chain driven and which are belt driven.

I have the Gates Belt guide which tells me these are belt driven but does NOT say if they are interference or not.

Is there a site I can refer to which says both in the same sentence?

I know the owners manuals say if there IS a belt and when to change it and does not say anything if there is a chain. That’s where the info ends.

Curiosity has gotten the better of me.

The Gates site does list whether a specific engine is interference or not. It will also list a part number for a timing belt, so it’s pretty safe to assume if none is listed, the engine has a timing chain.

I don’t see any that look-up-to-date. Most only go up to 1995 or 1997. The one at might be useful if you can identify the engines in the cars you are considering.

I am curious. Are you trying to avoid an interference engine or are you trying to target one for its increased efficiency? Either way, you might be better off researching those cars in which you are interested individually rather than looking for a list.

Too bad that list doesn’t go to present vehicles too.

The Gates site I have doesn’t include the latest years either. Does anyone know of a site that does?

Yes, I am trying to avoid interference engines. Mainly because even though I am very conscious of proper preventive maintenance, there’s no guarantee those belts won’t break prematurely.


My humble apologies folks, the Gates site DOES identify those engines which are interference type. I didn’t check out the very bottom of the page.

I’ve been under the impression that even timing chain driven engines can be interference. What your take on this?

My bad. It only lists whether an engine is interference if it has a timing belt (the only type I’ve looked up).

Nope. It’s MY bad. I haven’t been studious enough.

So that means ALL (regardless of make?) timing BELT driven engines ARE of the interference type?

Personally, I would avoid timing belts, not interference engine designs.

So that means ALL (regardless of make?) timing BELT driven engines ARE of the interference type?

Of course not. Interference/freewheeling and timing belt/chain/gear are independent design decisions.