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Buy and Selling of cars

Hi Everyone

I am a new bee here,i want information about buying and selling of old cars…plzz give me some help.

To sell and old car, first own one. To buy and old car have money ready to use.

Maybe a little more information might help us give you a meaningful answer. Do you want to buy and sell professionally? or do you have a car you want to sell or do you want to by a car. ?..

Some people think a 5 year old car is “old”. Others don’t see a car as old until it is 20+ years old. What do you mean by “old”? More info to us means more answers for you.

Define “old.”

If you’re talking about antique and classic cars, check out

“Hemmings Motor News” is considered the bible of the old car hobby.

For cars less than 20 years,, and

For vintage cars and


If you want to make your living doing it, you probably need a dealer’s license.

thanx for ur advice!!!