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Trying to identify a car/suv I saw

Today I saw an suv type car that I was not familiar with, had different lines than anything I’d seen. I drove around to see who the manufacturer was and all it said on front and back was CTG. I googled this but nothing comes up that seems connected to this vehicle. I don’t know what this stands for. And it might have been an alternative fuel vehicle. I believe it was outfitted for a wheelchair to come out the side, but I couldn’t see that well. does anyone have any ideas about this car? thanks!

It may be a handicap van builder.

what does that mean? who makes it?

It means this could a “custom” vehicle built on a chassis from a car maker like GM, Ford, etc. There are a lot of custom van builders in the RV market and some specialize in wheelchair accessible units. You’ve given virtually no information, so without a picture you can’t expect much in way of an answer.

See if this helps:

It didn’t help me!!

A link to a limo company does not seem to have much relevance to a mystery low-production SUV-type vehicle.

Chaissos may be suggesting that the lettering seen on the vehicle indicates it belongs to a limousine service.
I think without a picture it is a resaonable guess, car service/limousines often apply lettering or a corperate name to their vehicles so the customers can recognize them. A long row of black cars and SUV’s at the airport all look alike.

The picture is of an “AWG” car I’ve seen at the shop, note the lettering on the door.

Nevada–That Caddy still has the normal Cadillac logo in the grille, and likely also has the normal Caddy emblem on the back of the car. The OP stated that there were no identifying marks on the vehicle, other than the letters, CTG.

A few months ago, I also saw an unusual-looking panel truck-like vehicle which was being used for handicapped transport, and it had a three letter ID on it. When I got home, I googled it, and found out that it was indeed a specialized low-production vehicle intended for handicapped transport. Unfortunately, at this point, I don’t recall the three letter ID that was on the vehicle, but it definitely wasn’t “CTG”.

@VDCdriver - I think you saw the OP’s vehicle, I read about it a year ago, but can’t remember a name…

Found it. It’s a VPG MV-1:

It was indeed a VPG!

Thanks, texases

I’m still puzzled. I don;t recognize either the vehicle OR the name!


It is apparently a very low-volume vehicle. I have seen only one so far, and many of us may never see one!

It’s made by AM General and was designed from the ground up as a handicap-accessible vehicle. Gives it quite a few advantages over the retrofits that are done on things like Econolines and Caravans.

texasas!!! that’s it!! and the ctg was where the cadillac logo was on other photo posted. i gave all the info I had and thanks for doing the digging!!! it’s been so hot here I hardly know my name and just now got back to this site!!

and it was CNG, compressed natural gas, not CTG as I thought. thanks again