Trying to find the problem

I have a 1994 lincoln ,i put a new water pump,used radiator,thermostat but the water still isn’t circulating the hose by the thermostat keep getting hard so i took yhe thermostat out and the hose still get hard,with the radiator cap off the water spit back out,anyone with an idea i would love to hear from you.

What kind of Lincoln, what engine, how many miles, any history of overheating (based on all of these coolant related items being replaced), etc.?

Are you absolutely certain the T-stat is the correct one and it’s installed correctly? (Depending on model, engine,)

The radiator hose will get hard from the pressure from a cylinder head, or gasket, leak. Have a shop check it for a bad head gasket or cylinder head.

the lincoln is a conntinetil it has a 3.8 with 130,000 miles i 'm not sure if it has a history of over heating i just bought it .

Test for a failed headgasket. All too common with the 3.8L of that vintage, IIRC.