Over-Heating Problem 98 Lincoln Continential

98 Lincoln Contential is over heating. Replaced thermostat & water pump. Both fans work. Still the temperature starts to peg out. Have no indication of blown head gasket no bubbles or milky oil. Should work but doesn’t. Any idea?

Possible plugged rad, faulty rad cap, a collapsed coolant hose or perhaps a plugged heater core.

You can check the radiator too. If you look on the back side of the radiator and see green or white discoloration, you can suspect that it isn’t doing its job. Then you can pull the shroud back and look at the fins. If they are missing and it looks like about 5% of them are gone, you have to get a new radiator. If the radiator looks good, you can suspect that your timing is off and you’ll have to get that fixed by having the timing chain replaced. This is in addition to the other posts which may be the right solution.

I might add that a defective sensor or gauge can cause it to peg when there is should show normal.