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1984 Ford F150 turns over, won't start

1984 ford f-150 302 5.0 liter engine…truck keeps turning over but won’t start. I have replaced the starter, ignition coil, solenold switch, battery and fuel pump. I even inspected the rotor button. nothing seems to work. Can you please provide a few tips before I take the truck to the shop? thanks…

carburetor or fuel injection?

Have you performed a compression test?

If the compression is very low, way below normal specs, the engine might not start at all

Have you verified fuel pressure and spark?

  1. It is a carburetor. 2.Have not performed a compression test. What does that determine? 3. Have not verified fuel pressure and spark.

Check for spark, the ignition control module may have failed.

That measures weather or not the rings or valve seal have failed.

Engines run because they suck, squeeze, bang and blow. A compression test measures the squeeze, the ignition system provides the bang and the suck of air and fuel is supplied by the carburetor.

Have you tried spraying starting fluid into the carburetor?

With the air cleaner cover off, can you see gas being squirted into the carburetor throat while opening the throttle (choke held open)?

No… I have not… good idea thanks!

When was this posted? I cannot see a date.
Engine turns over means the starter is engaging the flex plate or flywheel so obviously the starter works but you changed it?!
Engines that crank/turn over but won’t start are either no fuel or no spark.
Get an extra spark plug and unplug a spark plug cable from a plug in the engine. Put the spare a spark in that cable and lay it on the engine and have someone turn the key to try starting it. Does the spark plug you see have a spark?If yes then check fuel problems. Pour 1/4 cup of fresh gas down the carb, try to start it. Does it fire up and then die? Or does it do nothing? If nothing then you have bad ignition module, or bad engine or numerous other possibilities. Has it been running fine or bad?
Take it to a mechanic and do not just change parts hoping something will work. Mechanic is cheaper and it sounds like you have no experience with auto repair.

I did pour some fresh gas down the carb it did try to start but died out. I have taken it to a good mechanic… He just pulled the truck in and he says gas is not getting to the carburetor. He will finish with it on Monday… what do you think that could be? Thank you

Fuel pump more than likely

I replaced the fuel pump still was having same issue. Mechanic said a squirrel may have bitten into gas line. I should know for sure by Monday… thanks

Now you are pulling my string! A squirrel?? Really?? Mechanic said that? No he did not. If you had a hole in your fuel line it would spew fuel everywhere.
Not buying your story. Nice try.

If the fuel hose at the tank is leaking, usually due to old age, the mechanical fuel pump will draw air, not fuel.

I had a 1987 E-150 with a carb and it had an electric choke. Check to see if that is working. I had the hardest time keeping it positioned such that it would start when the temperature changed.

Thank you…