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Truck stalls with no warning

My 1995 Chevy Silverado 1-ton diesel stalls with no warning at various times while driving, such as at intersections, on the freeway, coasting, idling. It may go days or weeks without doing it, then all of a sudden stall eight times in one day. My husband says it has sediment, such as rust, in the fuel tank causing it to clog the fuel line. We’ve replaced the fuel filter twice, and we keep the tank topped off with gas, but it still does this out of the blue at times. I no longer trust the vehicle and will not haul the horse trailer using it, which is why I have the vehicle in the first place. By the way, the problem began after the truck sat for several cold winter months due to drained batteries. After we replaced the batteries to get it running again, it began stalling like this on a semi-regular basis. If it is rust or sediment in the fuel tank, what can we do to fix that? Could it be something else causing the problem?

My son had a diesel truck like this and he had a similar problem. It was either the MAP Sensor or the fuel pump driver module. I called him and he did not remember what the part was specifically but he fixed the problem by moving it from the engine block to the fender. It was getting too hot. The wiring reached the part so no splicing is needed. It’s original position was on the top center of the engine. I know this is not specific but it may aid your troubleshooting.

I agree with missileman That it may be a bad sensor or bad sensor signal(due to wire issues, water, heat and etc). This is the wonderful profession of experts. But that does not mean dealers necessarily. Just a really good diagnostic technician where ever they work. You can chase this by part replacement but that can get pricey. If the guy wants to put an oscilloscope on the sensor first thing you might be in the right place.