Chevy Silverado Stalling


I own a 2001 4.8l V8 Chevy Silverado regular cab pickup that has been stalling about once a week while driving. The stalling mostly occours while backing up or turning, and has yet to happen going straight(ie forward in drive). It also seems to happen more often when the car has just been turned on after being parked. When the car does stall, I put it in park and it starts up again immediately.

This truck only has 91K miles on it, and is well maintained. I do have an issue where the gas gauge sensor is malfunctioning and often reads “EMPTY” even when I have a full tank.

Luckily this only seems to happen when going at slow speeds, but my concern is having this occur in traffic and being rear ended, or having it turn off on the highway. There was a recall for this year/make vehicle for the Crankshift Position Sensor malfunctioning and causing stalling, but my truck does not fall under the recall VINS Chevy suggested.

I feel like this issue is a malfunctioning sensor or perhaps some gremlin in the steering column, but since its so infrequent, I can’t pinpoint it. If anyone else has had this problem please let me know! Thanks!