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97 Diesel Chevy Silverado P/U

Fuel Pump replaced, engine revs, all needles on gauges jump, truck stalls. When starting (or trying to), all warning lights come on, including low fluid, abs, battery etc. and all wink off except battery light. Absent from the list is the " wait to start light " . Also illuminated are both directional lights, highbeam indicator light, all of which were never part of the start up regimen before.

Battery connections are good. One battery is older than the other, however when it decides to start the amp meter pegs at 12. Other times there is just a click sound.

If the “wait to start light” comes on the truck will start.

It seems to me that it is some sort of electrical problem rather than the fuel pump.

Chevy warrantied 3 previous fuel pumps and no of the afore mentioned problems occurred.

This pump was installed by a mechanic who has worked on my other trucks and cars for a few years and never had any problems.

Brought the truck back to him he had for 6 weeks waiting for GM to replace the part.

I called to tell him it was still NG. Twice and he hasb’t called back.