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Pulling under braking

2000 Ford Contour pulls to the right under braking. Front end has been aligned,new brakes installed all around and all front end parts have been checked for looseness

If this just started after the repair work had been done, the place to look would be at the installation of the brake parts. If it only pulls under braking, the problem is most likely related to the brakes. I would check the installation of the front pads and calipers. You may have a frozen slide that someone neglected to fix, or, more commonly, the installer may have reinstalled a caliper with a twist in the hose. This creates a restriction in the flow of fluid, which will create a pull.

I would bet on a bad left hose. If you can jack up the front and put it on jackstands, have an assistant apply brakes. try to roll the wheel. you should not be able to. Now the important part: keep the force on the wheel in trying to roll it while you have your assistant release the brake. Were you able to roll it fairly quick and easy? It should release fairly quick and easy on both sides, but I bet the left one wont let go as quick and easy

Don’t overlook the rear brakes. A non functioning left rear brake can make a vehicle pull to the right while braking. If the rear brakes are drum brakes, mixing up the leading shoes and trailing shoes can create a problem like this.