Car stops running

94 cad eldo, runs perfect, but can stop suddenly. Turn off ignition and it will start again. might go for 100 miles and do the same. low speed

Does the engine just stop; or, is there a jerk, and the engine stops? My first suspect is the ignition system. Check the ignition system, including the wiring and connectors, and the ignition switch. When the wiring is being checked for voltage and ohms (as well as for physical condition) the qualified mechanic will do the shake (“wriggle”) test on the wires.
Here is a schematic drawing of the ignition system. Touch the cursor to the image, and it enlarges! Ain’t that cool, or what?!

It jerks and stops dead. put it in park and it starts up as if it had never stoped Turn ignition off and back to start, woith no hesitation. replaced ignition switch.

The "jerk and stall) may be a torque converter lockup not releasing, as it should below 30 mph. Sometimes this is caused by the TCC relay, sometimes by the TCC solenoid, and sometimes by that beastie “other” (inside the transmission).
It can’t hurt to change the automatic transmission fluid and filter, if those haven’t been changed in the last few years. Might even help.

a message should show for the items above is my understanding

check your fuel pump this sounds like what i just went through i had a new fuel pump in mine and some how the filter fell off and was causeing it to do this.Also if you get a new pump make sure they give you the right one. they gave me the wrong one the car said i had 7 gal left but would die till i put more gas in it

dodge man, something momentarily blocking the fuel pump pickup was in my thoughts; but, it’s practically impossible to test that idea. When the pump shuts off, the “debris” falls away, and the pump starts to pump. again, until the next time.
lessjoss, if someone thought that the above scenario was taking place, one would remove the gas tank, empty it, and clean its insides, thoroughly. At that time, the fuel pump “sock” and pickup tube would be carefully inspected.

the only way is to take a look in the tank… do you have a trap door under the back seat to get to the fuel pump. mine did made the job alot easier. check befor you drop the tank… another thing how long befor it restarts after it dies if it starts right back up i would check it. mine had a new pump 6 months old and the sock just came off for no reason.

            1 will check  tank. It has now started to surge badly at slow speed. still no message thank you Dodge Man.  runs perfectly at speeds over 40, and always starts right back up after it quits