2000 Impala Steering Column Problem


In doing searches, I see that many Chevy products experience clunking in the steering column when making low speed turns. There is even a TSB. How much will this cost to repair? How could one get Chevy to make a recall and/or cover the cost if this seems to be a widespread problem?


The majority of this intermediate steering shaft clunk is with GM trucks/suvs.

A poster on Chevytalk said he picked up an I-shaft on eBay for about $60 and it cost him $85 to have it installed.
Cost will vary in different parts of the country.

Good luck getting GM to foot the bill or do a recall. This is not a safety issue as the shaft will not fail.


Does that mean it’s not a big deal if I don’t fix it for a while? If it’s just an annoying noise, I can live that until after I’ve covered the cost of the new tires I need.