Steering Clunking Sound

I have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred. The car only has 18,500 miles on it and a persistant clunk in the steering. The clunking noise only happens at slower speeds and especially when it’s warm outside. The wheel only has to to be turned a half turn for this clunk to appear. I’ve had the car in at a Ford dealer for this problem. They’ve replaced the coil springs and some other parts, but the problem still exists. How do I get this thing fixed right?

You MAY have the same problem GM has with most truck intermediate steering shafts being too short and ‘clunking’ during slow turns.

Greasing has turned out to be a temporary solution.

Replacing the shaft with an aftermarket one works. About $200 (you supply the labor).

LIke I said, This MAY be your problem. The longer shaft may not apply here.

I have the same ‘clunking’ my Tahoe, but rest assured, it is not a safety hazard.