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Truck "hiccups" when starting from a full stop

When starting from a full stop our truck intermittently will act like there are air bubbles in the fuel line or something and will nearly stall out several times before it gets going. We don’t have a problem while driving. The “hiccups” eventually got better after we began buying a different kind of fuel, but there is still a problem. We have had the truck looked at several times but no one can find anything wrong with it because the truck seems to always be on its best behavior when we take it somewhere. Except for this, the Dodge has been a great truck and pulled our 32’ “house” all over the USA and Canada since we bought it brand new in 2003. We are very good about doing all the regular maintenance so the obvious answers can probably be ruled out. It has a Cummins diesel engine and we regularly add an additive to the fuel.

Regular maintenance would include a fuel filter change. If that has been done…have you checked the fuel pump pressure? If the pressure is okay then you may want to have the fuel injectors looked at since they could be clogged or leaking.

We got a new fuel filter a year ago. Thank you for the suggestion about the fuel injectors. We will check that out next if no one has already done it. Do you think the TSP sensor might need to be replaced if the fuel injectors are okay?

The TSP or TPS? Throttle position sensor? You don’t have to guess about that. They’re generally very easy to test.