Truck Sputters then Stalls

I have a 03’ Dodge Ram 1500 5.7l Hemi 4D SLT. Shortly after the odometer turned 200057 miles, and without warning it began to sputter and stall the moment i removed my foot from the gas pedal. If I try to restart the vehicle, it will rev up to 2,000+ RPM while sputtering then shut down.

I noticed on this board that other drivers have experienced the same problem and I was wondering if replacing the vacuum lines resolved the problem.

I think I found what the problem is. I apologize for posting before searching the archives.

What did you find?

The truck is still 5 hours away, where it broke down. I’m going to start with the IAC and work my way down. i.e. vaccuum lines, spark plugs, then spark plug wires.

Hook up a fuel pressure gauge to the Shrader valve on the fuel rail, fire the engine up and watch the gauge to see if the fault is fuel supply related.

You can check for a leaking fuel pressure regulator by removing the vacuum line, if fuel comes out, replace the regulator.

When checking for possible vacuum leaks, use a small propane torch, NOT LIGHTED.

Turn on the valve and position the torch close to the suspected areas. Due to stalling, you’ll need a helper.

If you locate a leak, a change in engine performance will be noticeable.

When was the fuel filter last replaced?


I don’t think the fuel filter has ever been changed.

Yes, propane. You can get small cans of propane, with an adjustable nozzle, at hardware stores. When the propane gas is played around the place where a vacuum leak is, it gets sucked into the engine and burns (along with the gasoline); then, the engine speed increases. This engine speed increase shows you that, “Hey, it is leaking vacuum, there!”.
As a temporary measure, you can use RTV sealant on that area (usually, mating surfaces).

A dirty fuel filter is high on the suspect list. You can prove, or disprove, that suspicion with fuel pressure measurements.