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Truck stalls out at 3500 rpm

Helli everyone, I have a issue that the dealerships mechanic says is normal. When my gas tank gets down to a 1/4 of a tank, it will stall out at 3500 rpms, when i put gas back in it say to half a tank the problem goes away. Now the mechanic says that it is normal for dodge trucks to do that, i don’t buy it. Does anyone have an idea what may be going on? Also, when i bought the truck i couldn’t put gas in the tank, the pump would shut off like my truck was full, even though it was empty, the mechanic fixed that problem, i just don’t know if they are related

Don’t know what year truck we are talking about here or how many miles. I do have a problem with " all Dodge trucks do that ". I would just refuel at 1/2 mark until I could find another mechanic to check the fuel pump and filter.

If that was normal Dodge would have sold the truck with a 40 gallon tank, so that you get 20 gallons worth of mileage out of it.

Try a new gas cap.

Do you mean your engine won’t rev past 3500 in neutral when parked or It won’t go over 3500 rpm when accelerating up through the gears at full throttle? The first is not really a problem, the second is. Some modern vehicles have computers that won;t let them rev too high in neutral but I don;t know if this truck with unknown age is one of them.

My truck is a 04 with the 5.7.
When i get on the highway and accelerate it wants to die when i get past 3500 rpm, if i let off the gas and keep it under 3500 it does fine, keep in mind this only happens when my gas is low, if i have above a 1/4 of a tank my truck does fine and accelerates with no problems

When the tank get down to a quarter, take you gas cap off. If that lets you drive normally, it means you have a vent problem with your tank. I know on some Chrysler tanks you have to replace the tank to replace the vent, don’t know if yours is like that.

Is the check engine light on?

Nope, everything else is good

You may have a weak fuel pump however if it consistently stops accelerating at exactly 3500 RPMs it sounds like it is electronically limited, I would want to connect a scan tool to see why this is happening.

I think it sounds like a fuel pump problem too, as posted above. It’s possible for a shop to connect a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail and tape it to the windshield so they can see it as they take a test drive. If the fuel pressure plummets towards zero psi at 3500 rpm and the engine stalls, that’s pretty definitive. Something wrong with the fuel delivery system.

Was this ever resolved? I’m having the same problem