Truck Stalling

Just last night I noticed that when I was at a stop light my RPM would go high then low and when driving it felt like when she was changing gears alil rough (if that makes sense). This morning she started up just fine but as soon as I put into drive it stalled. Turned her off and started right up and then in drive stalled again…did this three times and I gave up. Last night when I was at a stop light I thought TPS because when I first bought her I had to change it, so it felt alil familiar, but back then (5 yrs ago) she never stalled. Help! woman in distress.

The options are endless. Old plugs & wires. Poor fuel pressure/restricted fuel filter. Clogged air filter. Sticky idle air control valve. Bad coolant temp sensor. Vacuum leak. etc. A bad TPS is not first suspect for stalling at idle.

Start with a year & mileage and give run down on the state of all maintenance (plugs, wires, filters…)

2002, 150k last tuneup 10 months ago.

That’s not nearly enough info. Especially because “tuneup” doesn’t refer to anything specific. What are the specifics? (Actual stuff replaced/checked/etc.)

You’re just going to have to have someone look at it. My top assumptions would be vacuum leak, IAC valve, fuel pressure, coolant temp sensor - pretty much in that order.

I’m sorry, I believe it was plugs and filter. I think my truck has coils and did not replace at that time because of cost (at the time i had been laid off from work for 2.5 yrs). Now it has stopped raining her in CT she stays on in all gears. I have not taken her out because I’m scared of getting stuck somewhere. Someone will be out on Monday to look at her.

Now it has stopped raining her in CT she stays on in all gears

If you’re saying that you had a lot of we weather and it was stalling/running poorly a lot and now that its dry its running just fine then the first suspect is spark plug wires.