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Truck cranks once but won't crank over

Ok we’ll I am new to this but this is the problem I am having…I was driving one day coming to a stop sign and heard a knocking sound under my hood as I went to approach another stop sign everything in my truck went out and I could hardly slam in the brakes because they had locked up along with the steering wheel as we’ll. I replaced the starter and the battery and checked all my ground wires. When I go to start the vehicle all I hear us a click and it refuses to turn over I have a 2000 ford ranger XLT 3.0. I’ve tried anything I could think would be the probably listed above in description, can anyone help me please, I would love to have my truck up and running in no time. Please and Thank you.

The complaint is a bit murky but have you checked the engine oil level and verified the engine is not locked up due to lack of oil?

Have you checked the oil level? The knocking sound followed by coming to an unexpected screeching halt sounds like the engine seized up. Possibly it ran out of oil or lost oil pressure for some reason. Did you notice the red oil pressure light come on before the engine stopped running?

The fact that the engine now won’t turn over also leads to the conclusion that the engine is seized. If this is the case, it won’t be up and running any time soon. It may need a new engine, unfortunately.

Can you turn over the engine by hand . . . using a 1/2" breaker bar and a socket

No the oil light did not come on and I changed the oil and had metal shavings in it due to the camshaft synchronizer if I was to try to turn the engine by hand where would I begin to start turning it and how thank you

The power steering fluid shot everywhere once I had lifted the hood when the whole truck went out and saw that it was all over the left side of the hood

In answer to your question, place the socket & breaker bar on the crankshaft pulley bolt.

Adding to my last post, be sure it’s in neutral if it’s a stick or you won’t be able to turn it.

It’s an automatic, would it still matter to put it in neutral?

Would a leak by the crankshaft make it lock up?

What kind of “leak by the crankshaft?” A sudden leak from a cracked block or broken timing cover can be quite significant. A drip from the crankshaft front seal is usually insignificant.

But I will reiterate, use a large wrench and attempt to rotate the crankshaft. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in neutral or DRIVE except that you don’t want it to roll over you so PARK is safest.