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2013 Dodge Avenger clicks, won’t turn over

There was a click noise from under my hood when my car was running and accelerating. I drove it for a little bit and then suddenly stalled on me. I checked the oil and it was extremely low and added some. I tried to start my car but won’t crank over. Light turn on and you can hear the fuel pump kick in. It clicks a few times but does not turn over.

How much oil did you need to add?

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Your engine may have seized or it may be as simple as a bad alternator. Have you tried jump starting it? Have the car towed to a good mechanic who can check it out in person.

The mechanic will probably attempt to rotate the engine using a ratchet/socket on the crankshaft pulley bolt. If it won’t rotate by hand the engine is probably going to have to be replaced. It might rotate, don’t give up at this point. Early in the game.