Truck battery issue

2016 SILVERADO so recently had a light freeze on friday didn’t use my truck at all the whole day so saturday i get up to go get my registration sticker so hop in the truck start it give a little wom wom then starts and i get a traction message on my dash screen then get a battery voltage of 19% drive off stop at the gas station start truck up after gas fine two more stops fine, then i get to the auto shop for inspection turn my truck off they do there thing, finally done to start my truck key was forward the whole time doesnt start guy jumpstarts it fine drive off go to one last place before heading home come back starts fine home now. Truck is park all day till sunday evening i go out to move my truck doesnt start, get some jumper cables mind you it was still cold and drizzling out get my wifes car to jumpstart mine i wasn’t paying attention an put both positive and negative clamps on the positive term but put the right ones on her term (ya i know) so clamps start smoking on both ends hers and mine i pull them off quick they were melted thin cable at that. get another pair of cables try again with them in the right spots this time nothing truck dont start. next day pick up a used battery throw it on now. my horn doesnt work, windows dont roll down, radio nothing dash screen nothing, only cab lights work and one headlight on my driver side works. ANY IDEAS?

I only have advice for next time. You already know what it is. For now, check your fuses and you will have to enter your security code to make the radio work after you get it to light up if it wasn’t destroyed.

check all fuses (inside cab and under hood,) and check for any blown fusible link wires. You done blowed something up. Find it, and fix or replace as necessary.


Huh? This seems like it would be terribly obvious. But if this is what you did, the problem would be in her car, not your truck. You shorted across her battery but didn’t have a complete circuit on the truck. :confused: