97 chev PU 3500 350 5.7 stops and starts while driving. Complete tune up ,Fuel pump ,filter , dist. and rotor.

“stops and starts while driving”

While you are driving, the engine stalls and then it restarts itself?
If that is the case, then perhaps a bad ignition switch is to blame…or perhaps a malfunctioning remote start system is the source of the problem.

However, you might not have meant that the engine stalls and then restarts itself.
Is it possible that you are experiencing severe engine hesitation?

Can you clarify the exact symptoms for us?

Also, stop by a store and have the codes downloaded and read. Post them here. They might at least suggest whether this is fuel pressure related or ignition system related.

We need something to work with.

Agree with @VDCdriver and @mountainbike. This is a puzzle with more than half the pieces missing. We need more info.

Completely agree with all the above. Please post in conversational english, not text message style, and state problem in generally great detail. We only know what you post, as we cannot see or feel the truck. As an example, please look at some of the other posts.