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2001, Chevy 3500 dually w/8 liter engine

I have a 2001, Chevy  3500 dually w/8 liter engine.  It has a very random ignition problem.  Here are the details.  To start the check engine light is not on.  The problem is at random times the engine won?t start, the starter turns but it won?t start, if you take the key out and wait a second sometimes it starts again sometime it doesn?t.  It has a remote to lock and unlock.  I have pushed the remotes unlock button when this has happened and it started, sometimes it doesn?t.  I have also shook the ignition switch and it has started, sometimes it doesn?t.  I have also just taken the key out and put it back in and it started sometimes it doesn?t.  I took it and had it put on a diag w/ no code.  When it is running it runs great.  Here is the kicker, I was driving it the other day and it stalled at 45 mph, it was the first time this happened.  I coasted to the side of the road, turned on my hazards, took the key out, pushed unlock on the remote, and it started.  The other thing is the cruise control stop working when I tried to use it right after this.  I am getting ready to take my horse on a road trip.  I can?t have a truck that won?t start with horse stuck in a trailer.  Any help you can give will just make my new year.

Extra details for this truck are as follows:

1. It pulls a 2 horse trailer w/ brakes

2. It is also wire for a 5TH wheel

3. It has 18300 miles on the engine

4. the engine gets regular oil changes and well kept

I had a 98 olds intrigue that acted like this, eventualy it would even stall at 65 on the expressway, I got very good at slipping it into neutral, starting it with the starter and slipping it into drive without losing more than 2-3 mph. I chased this problem for a year and a half before I found the problem was a bad battery ground. The ground cable was less than a foot long and just grounded to a 10 mm. bolt into the sheet metal ot the inner fender. I got a longer ground cable and ran it to the engine block,problem solved.

what about the key? is it pretty worn out? chevys have an issue with the ignition switch not “seeing” the key and activating the anti theft system. the fact that hitting the unlock button or wiggling the keyswitch to “cure” the problem leads me to believe this is the culprit. go to the dealership and have a new key made or try the spare if you have one.

It surely seems like it could be a switch problem. Since it is the easiest thing to change and the least expensive, change it and see.