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Ford Ranger ignition problem

My buddy has a 95 ford ranger. When you run the truck for a bit (1 maybe 2 hours) after cooling down for 45 minutes or so it won’t start. It seems like a couple cylinders will fire, but it will not run. If you let the truck cool over night it fires right up. Both coils seem fine and all the plugs have good spark even when the truck won’t start. It had the same problem last summer, never had a problem during the winter, and started to do it again when it started getting hotter here this spring. Any suggestions?



I would have the coil and the ignition control module checked out. A lot of them will fail intermittently in hot weather.

I don’t think that either of those could be an option because all cylinders have spark even when the truck won’t start

What color of spark? If it’s an orange color then the engine probably won’t start. It needs to be a bright blue. If you have spark…try a shot of starting fluid in the plenum. If it starts have the fuel pressure tested and check the fuel filter.

It has a good strong spark all the way around. checked the fuel pressure its fine.

It doesn’t sound like ignition at all to me.

Next time do a flood clear by flooring the gas pedal while you turn the key. You may have fuel leaking into the engine while the engine is off - either through a leaky fuel pressure regulator or leaking fuel injector.