1986 Ford Ranger, 2.0, periodic stalling while driving


Just had head gasket work done on the vehicle. Experiencing periodic stalling while driving and sometimes difficulty starting. After vehicle stalls, I turn engine over, and it fires up after I stop turning it over. Other than that, runs great. Using fuel cleaner. Replaced ignition switch. However, key cylinder switch has play in it. Occasionally hard to start. Any advice? Thank you.


Since no one has responded, I’ll throw a guess out there.
It’s possible the problem could be the ignition module since this vehicle should have the TFI-IV module, which was extremely problematic.

The module sends a pulse to the ECM (engine computer) and the ECM uses this pulse to electronically activate a ground for the fuel pump relay.
These modules can fail in any one of half a dozen areas, including the starting position.

I would also advise the ignition timing be carefully set. The truck should have a SPOUT connector near the distributor and this MUST be unplugged when setting the timing or it will be a mile off.
Hope that helps anyway.


Thank you. This is very helpful. I’ll look into those areas.


I have replaced the ignition module with another used one. Now, after over a week the problem has not resurfaced. Can I have the old module repaired? A new one costs over $80. Thanks for your help.


The ignition module is the most likely cause.


Excue me. I answered before reading replies.


Just to clarify something and make sure we’re on the same page here.
There were a number of engine options and choice of fuel injection or carburetion.
Does the module look like this?

Or is the square, fender-mount one with a couple of pig tail wire connectors?


I can’t see an image on that page. However, yes it is the square module mounted on the driver-side fender.