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Ford ranger 2.9ltr 1988 stalls while driving

My1988 ford ranger stalls when driving or after it warms up. Will restart most of time a few mintues later. Runs smoothly till it dies. Changed fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter. Drives for miles before it stalls sometimes.

Replace the distributor with a new module if you wish to make the quickest, cheapest, most likely shot at repairing that truck. And replace the plugs, wires and cap just to save future problems.

My grammar was lacking there. Replace the distributor with a rebuilt unit that includes the module

Is it carbureted or fuel injected? How many miles on it?

As Rod mentioned the most likely problems are the sensor in the distributor or the ignition module

if you have no spark.

Had the same problem on my 87 and no spark about a year ago. 30 bucks for an ignition module at Autozone & problem solved.

To caddyman 1986 was the 1st year for multiport fuel injection on the 2.9

Often when the module failed the pick up coil soon followed and when those problems were first becoming common it quickly became clear that it was best to replace both parts. A tool is required to remove the distributor drive gear but the price of a good rebuilt distributor, including a new module, is just too cheap to worry with repairing the old distributor.