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Trouble finding a part. 2007 Accord, Intake tube

2007 Honda Accord LX 2.4L 4Door

My check engine light came on, with a code of P0171 [“P0171 System too Lean (Bank 1)”]. This is a familiar code as I have gotten it before after getting my oil changed. On the previous instance, the tech must have leaned on stuff, because the intake tube was detached. Simple fix, reattach. However, this time I have noticed that the tube itself needs to be replaced as it has two sizable cracks. Checked rockauto, but can’t seem to find it, not even sure I’m using the proper term for the tube, can’t seem to find a direct reference to it.

  1. What is the proper term to describe the tube?

  2. If not available from rockauto, who is a good source other than Honda? (I’d like to shop for a better price if possible)

Visual description (see attached photo)

First time I had the problem, the tech must have leaned on the assembly and caused '#14 to detach from '#09. Current problem is with '#09. Need to replace '#09.


Sounds like it needs an area marked off as a :“NO LEAN” area… like the “NO STEP” areas on aircraft. Maybe a red tag???

lol seriously, you’d think it’s common sense, but I guess that’s why they are hiring techs there… This was at a AAA service center. I only go there for oil changes… but apparently that’s too difficult to get right.

Found a reference to the same part from a civic described as “air flow tube” so I suppose that’s it.

On some vehicles the air tube becomes hard and brittle, it can be impossible to remove without cracking.

From what I see an OEM Honda air tube for this vehicle is $32, available online for $22.24. I think its hard to beat that price.

“Common sense” isn’t.
Humans are humans. Back about '71 I was on the fuselage of a B52, preparing to change a star-tracking component of the navigation system that had a broken glass dome, and I accidently leaned on the broken glass dome… and it went cleanly and deeply into my hand. Fortunately, it bypassed all the tendons. I still have the scar. :blush:

Honda calls that part an “air tube”. It has a list price of $32.53, but can be bought for $23.21.
The Honda part number for that part is:17228RADL61 (or 17228-RAD-L61).

If you search for that part number, you’ll find lots of Honda places that sell it.

Here is one such link with the part:

I’ve used Peoria Acura in AZ and a DelRay Acura in FL before. Don’t recall if they also are Honda but think so. Yeah just Google the part number or for that small a list price, maybe just go to the Honda dealer and avoid the shipping charge. Might be a wash unless they jacked the price up.

Personally, I would buy it at a brick and mortar store . . . in other words the dealer

That way, there’s no s/h charges. And if they part is wrong, it’s the dealer’s responsibility to get you the correct part

Looks like the others have posted the part number and price. But I was going to say that those parts are generally only available through the dealer or from Honda and I can’t imagine the price being more than $40. It’s dirt cheap already.

I agree with the above comments saying to simply get it from a local dealer.

Or a boneyard.

Or a boneyard.

For a $35 part readily available new? Why on Earth…?