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Trouble filling my tank with gas

For the last few weeks, my (2000 Hyundai Elantra) gas tank won’t easily fill up. It takes $2,$3 then stops, acting like it’s full and stopping the flow. I’ve heard the “air in the tank” theory and have tried the tricks, like not putting the filler hose in more than a couple inches. Occasionally I can get $10 or so in, then it stops again. It wastes lots of time at the gas station, starting & stopping. What’s causing this, and what can I do?

Do you happen to top off your tank when filling it? If so, you likely have contaminated the charcoal canister with raw fuel, thus causing the problems you’re having. The easiest way to fix it is to get a new charcoal canister, but that can be expensive. Otherwise, just keep driving it, and live with the problem. Eventually, the canister may clear itself out, but just don’t top off the tank anymore.

The tank doesn’t vent through the canister while fueling, so that is not the problem. (It vents though that little hole above where you put the pump nozzle in. This is just a straight connection to the tank. The canister vent is only used while the gas cap is on.) You likely have a stuck or obstructed roll-over valve. The other likely cause would be a collapsed fill hose.

If ANY “mechanic” uses the words “charcoal canister” from an unregulated GUESS-O-METER, run like the dickens!!

The gas tank fill problem is with the tank and filler neck. Nothing else. There may be an anti-spill valve in the tank which isn’t opening; or, an internal (in the tank) vent valve not opening; or an obstruction in the fill/vent tubes.

I don’t have an internal picture, or diagram, of your gas tank; but, your mechanic better have one…or, NOT work on your car.
Click on this link and scroll down to Doc J’s reply. It’s pretty much on the money.

If you top off the tank, take a look at the owner’s manual and the little stickers in the glove box and on the filler cover. If they warn you about not topping off the tank, you just found out way. Iproctor is correct on this one.

This must be a problem specific to the car because I have the same car and am experiencing the same annoying problem. I need to get it fixed, but I didn’t want to get charged a lot for a false diagnosis.

I had a similar problem. Try pulling, hard, on the gas cap. This should burp the evaporative fill system, allowing you to fill as normal.