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Filling up gas tank

I have a 2001 hundyi accent that works great.

Over the past two week, when I’m filling the gas tank, the fuel nossile is constantly turning off. I can only pump in a little gas…then it turns off. I’ve tried different gas stations and the same thing happens


for someone with the same problem, with a long discussion!

If you are in the habit of topping off the tank after the first time it clicks off, you are the reason it is doing it and now you need a new charcoal canister. (If you look in the owner’s manual it will tell you not to do that.)

If you have not been doing that then there is likely some sort of blockage of the fuel tank vent system, Have it checked out.

by any chance have you run out of gas recently, and got a can and refilled the car?

a gas can doesn’t stick all the way into the opening, so some of the gas goes down into the vent, clogging the vapor cannister.

Charcoal cannisters are expen$ive.

it could be a restriction in the filler neck or the fuel hose nozzle needs to be inserted at a different angle. yeah, yeah, yeah, it sounds stupid but it happens.

The gas tank filler tube is a tube in a tube. Sometimes, the inner tube will shift, or become blocked. First try to push the anti-spill valve away from the tank opening to the filler tube. Use a 2 or 3 foot long rod, about 1/2 inch thick. Push it into the fill tube, down to the anti-spill valve. Push the anti-spill open. Try filling the tank. If this doesn’t work, the fill tube may need to be replaced.

Thanks…I’ll try it.

The filler neck may have a bend in it enough to prevent a straight rod from getting down far enough. Perhaps a stiff length of heater hose or similar will be able to make the bend if the rod can’t.