Triumph Spitfire wiring...Help!


I can’t figure this one out does anyone know the solution…

The headlights work, 4 way flashers, turn signals, and breaklights… but not the parking lights, back-up lights and dash lights?

Any suggestions?

driving daylight hours only.



Are any of the non-working lights on line with other components? Any blown fuses?

I remember what the car looks like but not the switches.

Are the lights on different circuits with separate switches or are there at least two or three together?

That brings back memories from long ago.  I have only been in one once or twice.  

My guess is the switch and that could be difficult to find.  For you sake I hope it is a fuse.  But after all it is Lucas Electric.  Has it been raining where you are/  :-)


You have two solutions as I see it . . . fix the 35 year old Lucas electric set-up or get a new harness (either complete or partial). I’ve been to car shows directed at British cars . . . like Carlilse, Pennsylvania during the early Summer. I’ve seen partial and complete wiring sets for all sorts of British cars. I’d stay away from splicing a 35 year old wiring harness if it were my car . . . fires are a real possibility and are hard to stop once started. Good luck! Rocketman


The parking, dash lights are on the same fuse, that is a standard Brit Lucas setup. Not sure about the backup lights but I’d lay money they are on that circuit.

These are the old (ancient) type glass fuses and yes the fuse box is Lucas ~ enough said.

Get an electrical cleaning pencil and some electrical cleaning solution, unhook the battery, remove the fuses - make a note of what goes where (and what should go where), clean the fuse contacts and lightly squeeze any loose ones a little tighter - but very gently. Then refit the fuses, replacing any blown or corroded ones of course.

If the fuse blows again, you have a short. If the fuse box is garbage (not unusual) repros are available from Triumph specialists.

One final point, they didn’t always use the same grounding point but BMC / British Leyland / Rover Group had a habit of hanging the reversing light ground onto one of the number plate bolts - when eventually the tag shakes a little loose, you have a bad ground. If you’re not aware of this quirk if can be infuriating to track down.


If you DO need parts, go to Moss Motors or Victoria British. Both have websites and on-line catalogs for your Triumph.

Go to Triumph? Huh?


Try spraying contact cleaner right into the headlight switch and work the switch at the same time. Maybe you will get lucky…