Tail and Reverse Lights INOP!

Help! I own an 1989 Celica GT, my tail lights and Backup Lights are INOP, the fuses are good not burnt, and the bulbs are new. Still inop. Please Help!

although the fuses dont appear burnt, have you actually changed the fuse out? usually just swapping with a like color fuse, and trying it out. By putting the fuse in another location you really eliminate the fuse as an issue.

Good info Cappy.

Let me add: before replacing fuses with ones you KNOW work, spray some electrical contact cleaner in the fuse holder first.

Use a multi-meter or continuity tester to see where the power stops running to those lights.

One other thing: Check to see if those inoperative lights are on the same circuit with some other that may be burnt out.

Thankyou! I’ll check 'em out. Are their any other possible situation to cause those light go out that I should I check, too?

Check the grounding circuit/wire. If your Celica taillights are like my '88 Supra, the ground wire may be bad, and this will prevent all the lights from working.