Wireless Rear Running Lights

My 1996 Windstar has a bad wire somewhere so no rear running light works (both sides). All other lights (turning, brake) work. The dealer says to find that wiring problem starts at $300. Where can I find an alternative? How about this? 2 wireless red running lights I can manually turn on when I drive at night! Anybody out there know where I could get that? Or another solution to my problem?

Looking for Mickey:
What about the license plate light(s)? I’ll bet they’re out, too. Check and see if they work. You can possibly tap in for taillight juice if they still light. Have you got power to the rear wiper when it’s on? Trailer ights would have to be attached to the liftgate if you can find some electricity or you’ll have long wires going from an opening gate to the car’s taillights. What about interior (dome) lighting back there? Can you spell Mickey Mouse?
Keep wattage fairly low so the wires and fuses hold if you go with license plate wiring.

Check to see if fuse #9 in the dash fuse panel is ok and that power is getting to both side of it when you turn on the lights. If that is ok there is a brown wire running from the fuse to lights in the rear. Check for power on it.

It will be cheaper to fix your car. The wireless lamps will need the rear circuits to be working anyway, they utilize the trailer plug and are sold to the towing industry so as not to run wires from the tow truck to the back of the towed vehicle. A towing supply catalog AWdirect (.com) has several sets to pick from; a single light bar $295.00 to a magnetic pair $509.00 . But you still must start with that back harness in working condition and by the time you do that your normal rear lamps will be working.

Kudos to you, Cougar! I put a 10 fuse in #9 and voila! How did you know that? My mechanics didn’t! Both sides running lights work. Why does the manual on my Windstar mark the #9 fuse spot “not used”?