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66 fury 3 electrical

Hey guys i have a problem with my lights, just need help, i have no lights um im getting power to the switch but i got a new switch an turned it on an it smoked. I repaired the fire wall section connecting inside wires to engine compartment. But still nothing. I found something strange with it as well on my fuse block there is a wire 2 inches long jumping from heater circuit to ingnition or power wire to switch but i took it off cuz it obvious doesnt belong there an be fore i had power to the switch. But i took the small wire off an no power.
Thanks guys.

There is a relay in the headlight circuit somewhere. You should not have full current going into the switch. Find the headlight relay and test it. It seems like a DIY mechanic has tinkered with the wiring to solve other problems.

Right now your car doesn’t sound safe to me and you don’t seem qualified to track down the problems. On an old car a dealer isn’t any help. You need a good shop with a good “electrical” man. Some mechanics are good with wiring and others simply aren’t so ask around and find someone with the skills to figure this out.

You need to get a wiring diagram of this car. Go here and you should be able to print it out, no problem!

The problem might be the dimmer switch on the floor has a short.

Remove the dimmer switch, and with a jumper wire apply the supplied voltage from the headlight switch to the dimmer switch to the high/low beam circuits. If the headlights work replace the dimmer switch.


I don’t think a '66 Plymouth had a headlight relay…The lights are direct wired…Check for a fusible link, possibly located where the heavy battery cable connects to the starter too restore power to the fuse block. Then take a close look at that floor-mounted dimmer switch…

Yeah i got on it it was like 50 for the manual lol but i will try all of them k guys thank u an keep the ideas coming , i work on diesels all day as a tech but on my days off i work on it. An as uncleturbo said electrical is for some people but i have a hard time with it. Not the smartest guy by any means but getting there… So hope i can get the.lights on with a lil direction. Thank u once again and please keep them coming.