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Trippin' transmissions, Batman!

while doing 65mph on the freeway, we switched to 2nd gear. The Jeep didn’t croak, but the transmission light came on. We had a rebuilt tranny put in, but the light still came back on & now it does a hard shift from 1st gear to 2nd & then again to 3rd. After that it does fine. It also feels a bit sluggish accelerating from a standstill. That didn’t happen before. They’ve checked & rechecked the computer & all it says is cylinder 3 misfire, so maybe that accounts for the slow acceleration (?). Any help greatly appreciated.

Wow, talk about confusing and missing information.

Wow, talk about not asking for clarification.

Is this 2nd gear as in PRND21 or a manual transmission?

If manual, why the big downshift to 2nd?

Your first move was to install a new transmission?

Have you addressed the cylinder 3 misfire?

That’s how you do it, son. (thank you Charlie Daniels)