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Tries to die

i have a 2001 saturn l200 2.2 about 150000 miles. last night i came to a stop at stop light, then my car tried to die. so then i came to stop again, then it tried to die again. it drives fine, but it shifts hard sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t shift hard…

Sounds Like It’s In “Limp-In” Mode.
If It’ll Start And You Can Drive It Safely And The “Check Engine Light” Is Not Flashing, Drive The Car To A National Chain Auto Parts Store That Will Check The Car For DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

Write down the code(s) (PO420, PO131, etcetera) and post them here.

The nice people at the store may offer advice, but give us a shot at it.
Those codes could paint a picture of what’s happening or not happening and could indicate a starting point to look at for finding a solution.

Oh, and call ahead to be sure where you’re going can read codes free of charge. You don’t want to drive any more than you have to, there and home, or there and to a shop.


there is no check engine light on