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02 saturn l200 starts then dies immediately

Turn car on, starts up, then dies within 2 seconds. have to take key out and re-insert and try again. NO security light comes on, i tried the pass-lock relearn. oil light, battery light, abs light, both check engine and service dash light comes on. gas gauge stuck wont move from zero or whatever. its happened before, twice. first time it sat for a week, then one day just started again, year later, happened again, sat for 9 months, brought to dealership, they said ’ just charge the battery’ worked fine till now ( a year later). BRAND spankin new 850cca battery.

(-other problems could be associated : dash light goes off and on, usually off, lights dim when using power windows, keyless entry does not work)

used voltometer on battery, putting out 13 volts, and tried starting car, cranked out over 14, then died.


any help?