Car sometimes shifts

i have a 2001 saturn l200 2.2 about 160000…about 4 days ago i went to wal-mart to get some things…as i went back to my car i put my stuff in car then i start the car when i put the car in drive the car kick hard then as i was driveing i could not get out of first gre…so then i pull over to turn car off…so i got out and look under the car to see if i cud see anything did not see nothing…so then i start the car back up the car drive home just find and then today it did the same thing…

Have you checked the level of transmission fluid? When was the last time you had the transmission fluid and filter changed?

the transmission dont have a beup stick

Take it to a trusted local mechanic and ask him to check the fluid level.

i took the car to the shop and thay check fluid level and scan transmission for codes there was no code

Sounds like you will need help from a transmission shop. Try to find a recommended independent shop, not a chain like AAMCO.

i took my car to shop today.thay told me my transmission fluid really dark and need to change it so i got that done…then he told me i got engine codes p0340 camshaft position sensor problem code p1599

You can read what those codes mean here:

Note that the P0340 code can come from several different places, not just the sensor itself.

P1599 is an “engine near stall” code that may be a simple fix like new spark plugs and/or plug wires. Try replacing those if they are old.

thanks for all your help