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were can you buy (BG-44K)

Why do you want to use this very expensive additive? It’s a waste of money. The red flag here is that it’s listed online at $180 for 4 quarts. You have got to be kidding. If your fuel injectors are dirty (most are not) then take it to a mechanic who can clean them professionally with the right equipment.

Well, you can’t buy it at Wal*Mart or Autozone. It is normally sold only through shops that use it along with BG’s other fine products. It will clean way more than just your injectors, although IF those are your problem it will clean them too. Carbon deposits will also be eliminated from your engine’s combustion chambers. Unfortunately your wallet will also subjected to a rather severe cleaning at the same time. I have used (and sold) BG-44K with success, but Seafoam, Chevron’s Techron, and Berryman’s fuel additives will do (probably) just as good a job at 1/3 the cost. Try one of those first.

Failing that, BG-44K’S ebay prices seem to run about $12 a can, in three and four can lots, and that’s not a quart. It is pretty close to wholesale though. I bought a 24 can case for $11 a can three or four years ago. I still have a few left, but won’t sell them for that.

BG makes good products but they’re too pricy for what they do. You do not need an additive for anything unless a problem is suspected and even then there are alternatives that are just as good and much, much cheaper.

Want a fuel system additive that is just as effective and better in my opinion? Buy a can of SeaFoam or Berryman B-12; both available at any parts store or even Wal Mart.