Do I Need This?

At my 15,000-mile service at the Honda dealership, the manager recommended a BG Fuel/Air Induction Service that is supposed to clean fuel injectors, clean throttle body, plenum and air intake, remove carbon from valves, ports, piston crowns and combustion chambers, and remove deposits from the catalytic convertor. For $169, plus tax. Is this a make-money add-on or will it really benefit my two-year-old car?

Unless you are currently experiencing a running issue that would be repaired with that…you can skip it.
Routine Maintainence is good in the long run…( like brushing your perfectly good teeth…to keep them that way ) but at merely 15k ?

+1 to Ken. This is not needed unless you have problems with stumbling, lower gas mileage etc. If you feel the need to do something, buy a can of Seafoam or similar product and put it in the gas tank once a year.

Yikes, at 15K? No way. If you want to do something, I’ve used Techron from the car parts department.

I agree with the previous posts. Our 1994 Nissan was sold in 2012 and with over 160,000 miles on it we had added this stuff exactly 3 times (at $12 a can), just as a preventative. As others point out, unless the car does not run smoothly, you don’t need anything since today’s gas has plenty of detergent in it.

It is a ripoff especially at that price. You can essentially do the same thing with two cans of Seafoam and save yourself $150.

One dealer I used to work for pushed BG as hard as it could be pushed. The service manager wasn’t doing it because of any snake oil factor; he bought into the BG rep’s sales pitch and honestly thought that BG products were a Godsend and the answer to every problem or the immunization to prevent any problem that might occur.

I tried a few free sample cans of oil treatment and found that as far as the engine goes it accomplished absolutely nothing.
I will give the BG oil treatment credit for one thing though. After adding half a can to the notoriously clunky transmission and front hydraulic forks on my Harley both shifting and ride were noticeably better.
A buddy of mine tried it on his HD and also found a lot of improvement so the product is not totally worthless.

I don’t know if they’re still doing it or not but those BG cans do, or used to, come with a plastic token inside which is redeemable by the mechanics for a quarter or half dollar per.
Incentive chips… :wink:

If you feel the need for a fuel additive try B-12 or SeaFoam; 4-7 bucks a pop and just as good as anything on the market if not better.

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It’s a scam. Anything that claims to cure everything should be viewed with serious doubt.

The only “deposits” it will “remove” is cash from your bank account.

Thanks, guys! You’ve saved me big bucks.