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BG44 products

Can anyone tell me if the

BG products and additives really work? They are very expensive. I’m thinking about using the gas additives. Thank you

You will never notice the difference. The best gasoline additive comes from the top companies but some people won’t pay more for Shell or Chevron. Those little plastic bottles are so good for the environment too.

Consider it somewhere between a SCAM and a fix looking for a problem that does not exist. Unless you have another problem you don’t need any additives that are not already in the fuel you get an the gas station.

The need for additives ended with modern engines and pollution control. The government mandates minimum additive levels that are all you need. Additional does no meaningful good.

Can you explain what you’re hoping the BG44 products will do for your car?

Does your car have a problem that you’re hoping will be fixed by pouring a can of liquid into it?

The BG salespeople who get repair shops and dealers to sell the BG products are very good. Many local mechanics have financial incentives to push these products.

BG products are good but if your car appears to be running fine you do not need them.
Besides, if there’s ever a point where you feel an additive is needed for a problem there are many products out there that are just as good for a small fraction of the price of the BG stuff.

Just my opinion, but the BG promotions sort of reminds me of Amway.

Thank you all for your responses, all that you told me makes sense. I have been running a low grade fuel in my tank, or better to say a low octane fuel. I thought it would be good to try an additive to clean out injectors.

All gasoline sold in the US has fuel system detergents added by federal law. These detergents are designed to keep the fuel system clean, and under normal conditions no other cleaning is required. Fuel injectors don’t get dirty because you use low octane gasoline, regardless of what the additive company’s marketing department tells you.

Octane is not a measure of gasoline quality. 87 octane is just as “good” as 93 octane. If your car is designed to run on 87 octane use it without worry. I run nothing but 87 in both of my cars and do not use any additives.

If, on the other hand, your car requires a higher octane gasoline, that’s what you should buy. Additives won’t make a lower-octane gasoline work in an engine designed for a higher octane.

Use the grade of gasoline recommended in your owner’s manual, and don’t worry about additives, regardless of brand name.

BG-44K will clean out fouled injectors when nothing else will. Dealerships inject it directly into the injector rail and charge $150 for that service…Their products do what they claim they will do…

Gasoline is gasoline. It ALL contains an EPA mandated additive package to prevent deposit formation. “Top Tier” gasoline is more a marketing ploy than anything else…