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Trasnfer case

The Chevy Dealer I took my truck to back in 07 with 4WD trouble told me I needed a Transfer case. He suggested I put in rebuilt one that came wath a warranty, so i did there was 85,375 miles on my at that piont. I have hade some trouble with my truck this year 4 WD slipping out,gowing up hills. I had a local service center look at it, they said clutches were bad in the case. I told them to call the Dealer that there was a warranty on this.( I was out of town) They called the Dealer said there was a warranty on this the Dealer said no they had no record of this, we could not find my paper work eather. So I had the truck fixed,(it was not fixed at the Dealer ) I found the paper work after the work was done. I went to the Dealer he was noy much help he told me fi I had the work done there we migth be able to work some thing out. What is he responsible for. Some people said He should pay for the repair (service Manager at a Dealer who si a frend)I don’t know.

Sorry, no lawyers here, but I think you have a case, I just can’t help you.

The original shop warranty often requires the owner to return to them or another Chevy dealer I believe.