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Transfer case

This is my question, the Dealer said there was no warranty on the T.C. but there is, I could not find my paper. My mechanic called the dealer to find out and they said there was on warranty. I had the truck fixed some where else and paid for the work this should be under warranty. I found my paper work and it as a life time warranty on it. Is the dealer responsible for the cost.

We’d have to see the warranty to give you a solid answer on that.

Are you saying that the dealer turned you away saying that you couldn’t get it fixed under warranty, so you went somewhere else and paid for the repair out of your pocket, and then found out that it should have been covered under warranty? If so, and you’re correct about it actually being covered, I’d say you have a claim.

That said, lifetime manufacturer warranties are pretty rare beasts. Are you sure you read that right?

Not if you had it fixed somewhere else…Read the warranty…

They did not directly turn me away, but they told the service center that was working on my truck they could not find the paper work and there was no warranty, (which was found after the new work was done). It is written right on my paper work that the transfer case would come with a life time warranty - parts and labor. We are talking about $1200.00 and I paid almost $1900.00 to get the new work done.

Still confused.

WHO fixed the transfer case and gave you the lifetime warranty??

From your initial report it looks like that someone besides the dealer or you mechanic did the work.

The Dealer put in the trasnfer case back in 07 and they gave the life time warranty.

They were asked to look up the paper work, by a service a center I had working on the 4WD
this year. When they the (dealer) said there was on warranty. I had it fix by someone else
out of my pocket. I found my paper work after the work was done.