Help me!

I bought my used suto w/o warranty and three weeks later tranny went ou on it. I out in new tranny with warranty not tranny went out againg. The car is 250 miles from mechanic. Question is does the mechanic need to pay for the tow becuse tranny is under warranty? Question 2 what would happen if i took the car back to the dealer and said i don’t want it?

Answer#1 Yes, the mechanic should cover the cost of the tow if the transmission is under warranty. CHECK YOUR WARRANTY PAPERWORK its entirely possible that they snuck some little microscopic writing in there which makes you pay for any towing. Any REPUTABLE transmission shop should cover the towing when under warranty.

Answer#2 Dealer is not going to take the vehicle back and give you your money back. You bought it, its broken, you’ve paid once to have the transmission fixed, it failed again under warranty, trans shop needs to fix it. Stay on them until it gets fixed properly.


Describe what “tranny went out” means.

Laws vary by state. Many times there is a limited amount of time during which you’re entitled to return a purchase. I’m sure you’re long past that.

The Warranty is probably pretty specific about the towing contingency. Read it.