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Trash to treasure

I just dragged home a 1989 Pontiac Grand Am from my neighbor’s yard (paid 40.00). I can get it to crank over but it won’t start. Anybody got any ideas how to get it started?

Start cheap and work up. Pull the plugs and at least look at them and check the gap. I image that they should be replaced. If you still can’t start the car, replace fuel filter and then the plug wires. Then try starting again. Let us know if anything changes.

You need the basics to get an old engine running: Air, fuel and spark. Starting fluid is your best friend in these situations. Don’t forget to check the oil.

Your first step is to determine what’s missing; fuel or spark. Once you determine that let everyone know and then any guessing can at least be narrowed down a bit.

How about some basic information. Mileage? Engine size? What type of injection does it have? Does it have an ignition distributor or “coil packs” firing the plugs?

How long has it sat, not being used?

The gas may have turned to varnish.

Try to find a shop repair manual for it.