03 Ford Focus



I’ve been having problems with my 03 Focus. Its has about 50k on it right now. 6k ago I had the front stabalizer links redone. Now I’m having problems turning the key when I want to start it. I swung by the Ford dealership, told him my problem, and he immediately told me that for a mere $300 he could fix my problem by replacing the ignition lock. Is this normal? Does this problem occur often? And is $300 a typical price?


Dont know about your Focus, but on my Fords changing the ignition lock cylinder is a very simple 15 minute job.

Nows the perfect time to pickup a Haynes manual-about 20 bucks- at any auto parts store.

The procedure for changing the lock cylinder will be in it.


Or have a locksmith do it for something less than $300. But it MIGHT be the ignition SWITCH, which is usually not part of the lock…If it only jams going into the start position, but will turn on and off fine, it’s NOT the lock…(it’s the switch).


I would stop by my local locksmith and see what they have to say. They may be the same one that the dealer would call to do the job. If you bring it to the locksmith you eliminate the locksmiths house call charge as well as a lot of markup from the dealer.