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Transmisson trouble

I have a 96 buick skylark. I just recently had the parking pawl fixed because it was broken. Now when I slow down the engine idle seems to start looping and almost stall, it in fact has once. As I slow down, and I can feel the car somewhat trying to pull forward as if its not down shifting correctly. when I finally get stopped the idle will come back up and idle normally. the car upshifts great. I know that one of my rear wheel speed sensors has a broken wire. I’m hoping this or an idle sensor is at fault any help is appreciated.

have you taken it in to see if any codes come out on the transmission??? i’ve taken a transmission class and it sounds like it could be a sensor or the valve body inside the transmission

no, I haven’t had time to do anything yet.

I found the problem. after testing it some more while driving, I found it would do this with the car shifted into neutral as well. So I figured the problem was with the engine. I bought a IAC from the junk yard thinking it was some idle sensor. When I got under the hood to put it on I found that the intake hose was partially disconnected at the throttle body, so not all the air was being routed through the mass air flow sensor and anything else up stream from that, as soon as I reconnected it I took it for a test drive and it cured the problem. Either I or the trans people must have disconnected it and not quite put it on properly.